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Welcome to the Birmingham Hillel House website, which we hope will be a useful resource to find out more about Hillel in Birmingham. We have tried to encompass as much information about Hillel and what it offers. If you have any queries not answered on these pages please fee free to get in touch either by email or phone.

The aim of this website is to encourage prospective Jewish University students to consider coming to live at Hillel, which is a Jewish  hall of residence for all Jewish students regardless of religious observance. You can gain a great deal of information from this site but the best way to know more is to either come and visit or talk to a current a former resident. We can help with either of these options.

With best wishes and looking forward to meeting you


The Hillel Management Committee

We're Here to Help


​26 Somerset Road



B15 2QG



Mrs Ruth Jacobs - 07768 761 930

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