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We've had some big plans for Hillel...and managed to achieve a number of them thanks to the generosity of some charitable trusts and donations as well as the careful handling of Hillel Houses income, expenditure  and reserves. There is always more to do and we would be grateful for any financial assistance to make them happen

And below are a number which have come to fruition as well as details of those still waiting to happen - subject to fundraising
At the moment these plans are just a vision.
With your support we can make it reality.

Birmingham Hillel House has been a Jewish student residence since 1958 and during this time it has changed from being a fully catered establishment to one of 40 self-catering units. Since 2000 it has been the aspiration of the Management Committee to upgrade the facilities offered for residents in line with similar accommodation provided by Birmingham’s Universities,  and also the downstairs facilities in the Main House for non residents who come to Hillel for events put on by JSoc: Friday night meals and weekday activities, and other organisations. The Hillel Management has been able to achieve a number of projects already through its own financial resources. The freehold of the building was purchased at significant cost, thus securing the future for Hillel on its current site and enabling the reality of redevelopment and upgrading. Since then, through a grant made by a Charitable Trust, the supervised kitchens used to prepare Shabbat meals for up to 200 students were expanded and upgraded and through the sale of the far end of Hillel’s very large garden, funding was secured to renovate 10 rooms, each with its own ensuite shower & toilet and a self-contained kitchen facility. The Hillel management committee has continued to upgrade a few residents rooms each year during the summer months, drawing on financial resources accrued through having a substantial occupancy and will continue to upgrade the rooms and facilities to a standard comparable (and in some ways superior) to current University accommodation as long as Hillel's financial situation enables this to happen.


Birmingham Hillel Management Committee is always  looking for donors to help with maintaining the continual upgrading of the facilities that is needed

If you, or anyone you know, are able to support us then please get in touch. 

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